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Since the Begining of STM Website there have been many questions asked by Devotees all over. These questions are compiled and answered by Poojya Gurudev Shri Basant Ji Maharaj. Questions with their Answers are as follows: (Please click a question to see its answer)

Answers to Questions (30th July 2009)

ATMA GYAN or knowledge of self is realization of the highest consciousness and living in that state which is the state of absolute peace, bliss, knowledge and love beyond desires.
Life on physical plane is transitory and may be said to be like a dream, but eternal life is true and everlasting.
NAAM DAAN implies giving a vibrant name for internal awakening and enabling one to experience subtle inner sound. The given name or prescribed name is expression of the spontaneous inner sound which is the real vibrant name leading to highest state of consciousness.
Philosophy and practice directed towards self realization is spirituality.
Meditation can help one to overcome menace of one's own mind. If a large number of people meditate and overcome menace of mind, then this will have global effect and such an era in which higher spiritual state prevails may be called spiritual era or SATA YUGA.
Physical body is perishable but light body comprising mind, intellect and spiritual consciousness does exist within the physical body which can be refined and elevated to highest state of spiritual consciousness .the refinement of light body leads physical body to service of mankind through right actions. (SATA KARMA)
Laws of nature are driving this world. However maker of the laws of nature is Supreme.
Primarily soul is in eternal contact with Brahm just as sun's rays are in contact with sun. However when soul starts following dictates of mind and establishes its identity with the mind, it virtually separates from Brahm.
By resorting to meditation we can save ourselves from destruction resulting from evil thoughts and consequent actions misguided by impure mind. Again, if a large number of people meditate and purify mind the destruction of world can be averted.
Crores of Devi-Devtas are forces of nature which are operating various functions and activities of nature. Some of these natural forces have been identified in science as different forms of energy such solar energy (SURYA DEV), thermal power/heat energy or fire energy (AGNI DEV), wind energy (PAWAN DEV).Reverence of these forces only implies cooperation with the nature in utilizing its resources in a judicious manner by way of conservation of natural resources and avoiding negative selfish activities e.g. contributing to pollution , emissions and deforestation etc. For short term gains and luxuries. Whereas natural forces and balance of nature are important for this life, God (SATA CHIT ANANDA) is the only ultimate goal of the life.

Answers to Questions (30th July 2009)

Question by Andrea Heal, a spiritual seeker from Michigan, U.S.A (at Facebook)

How Does One know what Faith is Right for them? So, far i haven't been able to make up my Mind?

Answered by Poojya Gurudev Shri Basant Ji Maharaj on 02nd September 2010

Right faith is that God is Supreme consciousness characterized by absolute peace, absolute knowledge & absolute bliss. One can realize that Supreme consciousness through intense love, self purification & meditation. General meaning of faith is attributed to religion & main objective of any religion is perfection of moral conduct. But, Spirituality is beyond religion for which right conduct is essentially required. Therefore, for right conduct one is free to choose any religion which is not too dogmatic.

Answers to Questions (10th April 2008)

Questions by Lars Jensen, a spiritual seeker from Sweden

  • What is the most important aspect if one wants to know God?
  • What are requirements to follow the path?
  • What should I do to start to follow this path?
  • Is there a need of any initiation into the path or any other necessity before starting?
  • What kind of meditation is practiced? Spiritual transmission? Surat Shabda Yoga?

Answered by Poojya Gurudev Shri Basant Ji Maharaj on 30th July 2009

True self, spontaneously, derives love, peace, bliss and knowledge (clairvoyance) from eternal source. Therefore, one should discover or uncover one’s true self or aspire for self-realization which leads to God realization. For this purpose intense love, peace of mind and purification of mind and intellect are most important aspects. Meditation and true intense love (as different from worldly attachments and desires) and righteousness in actions, speech and thoughts are the basic requirement to follow this path.

Totally relax yourself from stray thoughts for a few minutes in the morning (i.e. before commencing daily routine work) and contemplate that God alone is absolute and eternal reality and all other things in world are perishable and illusive and that Godly consciousness manifests itself in an accomplished ad authorized spiritual master who may be regarded as both internal and external source of divine light and divine inspiration. Accordingly, keep your attention or consciousness in touch with that of spiritual master.

Meditate for about twenty minutes that your heart is getting enlightened by receiving divine light emanating from the spiritual master and thereafter, similarly meditate on divine light on the forehead and between the eyebrows and whenever inner subtle vibrations become perceptible then meditate on inner subtle vibrations also for a few minutes. Initially, the total duration of meditation may be kept as 30 minutes daily in the morning and evening finally conclude meditation with a small prayer silently by heart for receiving his grace, kindness, love and enlightenment. Also, meditate for 5 to 10 minutes daily before going to sleep which may include just prayer and remembrance of the master for his grace.

Initiation in this path is, actually, the establishment of linkage of consciousness with that of the spiritual master which will be established, automatically, after following the meditation practice for some time. The meditation is primarily based on spiritual transmission and SURAT SHABDA or inner subtle vibration may just be experienced in the course of meditation along with the divine light.

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