Glossary for terms used in the website

There Are Various Terms In The Website Pages Which Might Be Not Easy To Understand. For Help of Readers Glossary is Given.

ATMAPure self-consciousness, soul
ATMAPure self-consciousness, soul
AGYA CHAKRANervous plexus a little behind centre of eye brows
AHANKAREgoistic attitude
AHIMSANon- violence
APARIGRAHAAntonym of attitude of indiscriminately acquiring worldly things
ASTEYAAntonym of stealing
BHANDRASpiritual congregation for meditation
BRAHMCHARYAAbstinence from passion with a view to control wastage of physical, mental and spiritual energy
BHAJANMeditation on inner subtle vibrations
DHYANMeditation, Meditation on some form or on divine light
IJAZATPermission and authority commensurate with spiritual status empowering one to teach meditation
GURUGuide, teacher
LOBHAAttachment with material world
MOHAAttachment with persons
MAHATMAGreat saint
MAHARAJExpression of esteem regard
MURADFavored or beloved disciple
NAM-JAPRemembrance of God's name
NIRVANMerger in supreme consciousness and being free of all bonds
PAR-BRAHMConsciousness beyond Cosmic Mind
PARAM SANTGreat saint
SADGURUGreat saint - spiritual Master and guide
SADHANAMeditation and self discipline
SAMARTHAll powerful
SANT-MATIdeology and approach of saints
SATA, RAJASGood, mix of good-bad attributes & TAMAS & bad attributes
SATCHITANANDEternal peace, love, knowledge & bliss
SATSANGSpiritually helpful company of saints and good persons
SATTWIKPlain vegetarian food with minimum spices DIET and dairy products within permissible limits
SUMIRANRepetition of some word or God's name
SURAT-SHABDSubtle inner vibrations
TAMMAHighest permission with full spiritual authority
TURIYAAwakened state
YOGAMeditation; practice of unattached action, devotion and knowledge; keeping body fit through different Yogic postures (ASANA) or exercises including PRANAYAM to regulate breathing (inhaling, holding and exhaling)

Glossary is available for download in image format as well.