Background of the Masters (Gurus)

Grand Master Rev. Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj

Born on Basant Panchami Feb 4, 1873 Rev. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj alias Rev. Lala Ji Maharaj was Grand Master of the Spiritual Transmission linked Meditation system. His father Chaudhary Harbakhsh Rai was excise superintendent of Farrukhabad and was land lord of Bhaugaon and adjoining area of district Mainpuri. His mother was a great devotee, who used to perform prayer and recite Ramayana daily and thus nurtured him through divine devotion for seven years. She left for heavenly abode leaving Rev. Lala Ji Maharaj and his younger brother Rev. Raghubar Dayalji (later known as Rev. Chacha Ji Maharaj) in tender age.

After the death of his father, Rev. Lala Ji Maharaj lost property of his father in suits and was reduced to almost poverty level. But he was a born saint and was full of immeasurable spiritual wealth. However, for bringing up his family and his brother's family, as they were married in younger age in their father's life time, he took up a job in the collectorate.

His spiritual pursuit also continued which one day brought him face to face in 1891 with great Grand spiritual Master His holiness Huzur Maharaj Rev. Fazal Ahmed Khan Sahib, who was often acclaimed by swami Brahamananda as spiritual star of his time at Farrukhabad and who had also great affection and kind consideration for Rev. Lalaji Maharaj. The meeting of Rev. Lalaji Maharaj with his spiritual Master was a momentous meeting full of experience of immense divine love .One day, when he saw Rev. Lala ji Maharaj in a totally drenched condition due to rain-storm, he was deeply moved and gave him warmth of his fire place as also of his deep divine love. Rev. Lala ji Maharaj was formally initiated by his Master into the Spiritual Transmission system of Meditation on 23 January 1896 and was finally proclaimed a great saint and spiritual Master on 11 October 1896 in a large convention of saints and advanced devotees.

After the demise of his spiritual Master, Rev. Lalaji Maharaj took up the mission of spreading the Spiritual Transmission linked Meditation system to the needy aspirants in a big way from 1911 upto Aug.14, 1931 when he merged into supreme consciousness for ever. His most beloved disciple Rev. Dr. Srikrishan Lalji Maharaj was proclaimed as saint vested with full spiritual powers by Rev. Lala ji Maharaj in his life time itself, who continued the mission of his Master from 1931 onwards from his Ramashram located at Sikandrabad (UP.)

Great Master Rev. Dr. SriKrishan Lal Ji Maharaj

Born on 15 October, 1894 at Sikandrabad, Rev. Dr. SriKrishan Lalji Maharaj had his schooling at Fatehgarh where his father Mr. Bhagwat Dayal Bhatnagar was posted in PWD. As an young boy Rev. SriKrishan Lal ji Maharaj was thrilled and charged with spirituality just at a glance of the Grand Master Rev. Lala Ji Maharaj when he visited treasury for cashing a cheque. He experienced the same spiritual heights once again, when he was retreating from the treasury. Subsequently, he saw a saint in a dream, who repeatedly reminded him of his goal of life.

One day, he along with some friends visited a saint for quenching his curiosity and there he found the same great personality of Rev. Lala Ji Maharaj of whom he just had a glimpse at treasury. Rev. Lala Ji Maharaj made it clear that the saint who reminded him of the goal of life was Rev. Lala Ji Maharaj himself With these momentous incidents and meeting with the Grand Master in 1914 Rev. SriKrishan Lal Ji Maharaj was initiated into the Spiritual Transmission linked Meditation system and was proclaimed by Rev. Lala Ji Maharaj as his most beloved and favoured disciple or Murad and this became well known to all devotees and disciples of Rev. Lala Ji Maharaj. Besides, imparting excellence and transcendence in spirituality the Grand Master wanted his beloved disciple to get professionally qualified in medical field with a view to not only serve the humanity but also provide relief to common man from suffering of ailments and diseases.

As per direction of the Grand Master, Rev. Sri Krishan Lal ji Maharaj got admission in medical college Agra where from he completed his medical education in 1922. Almost at the same time the Grand Master vested his full spiritual authority in him to preach his teachings and Spiritual Transmission linked Meditation to aspirants. To this effect the highest written permission (IJAZAT TAMMA) of the order proclaiming him as saint vested with his complete spiritual authority was accorded by Rev. Lala ji Maharaj in 1931, which was also confirmed in writing by another great saint of the order, which as per prevalent practice is considered a desirable requirement for the saints of this system.

After serving as a doctor for a short period in a Govt. hospital Rev. Dr. SriKrishan Lal ji Maharaj started his clinic after the name of his spiritual Master as RAMA MEDICAL HALL and carried forward the mission of his Master, from RAMASHRAM at Sikandrabad. His classmate at medical college and spiritual brother Rev. Dr. Shyam Lalji Maharaj (1901-87) and another spiritual brother Rev. Shri Sewati Prasadji Mukhtar (1899 -1989) worked shoulder to shoulder with him in accomplishment of the task of the mission entrusted by the Rev. Grand Master.

In 1968, Rev.Dr. SriKrishan Lal Ji Maharaj accorded highest written permission of the order to the author along with his disciple and eldest son Rev. Dr. Hari Krishan ji Maharaj (1923-87) and his oldest disciple Rev. Dr. Kartar Singh Ji Maharaj (born on June 13,1912) and entrusted the responsibility to carry forward the mission and also corroborated the same by his will / order of Nov. 1969. He attained Nirvana on 18 May, 1970 at RAMASHRAM Sikandrabad, where a part of his mortal remains (pious ashes) have been enshrined in a SAMADHI in the meditation chamber.

Rev. Dr. BASANT (Dr. B.K.Saxena) Ji Maharaj

Born on Basant Panchami Feb.4, 1938 Dr. Basant (Dr.B.K.Saxena) obtained degree of Master of Science in Physics, in first class, in 1959 and Ph.D. in1966 from Banaras Hindu University(BHU) and was awarded DAAD Fellowship during 1971 and 1972 for carrying out research at Institute Fiir Lichttechnik, Technical University (TU) Berlin (west), Germany. During this period Dr. Basant also visited Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, France and U.K. .

Having started his research career at CSIR's Central Building Research Institute (CBRI) Roorkee as Research Fellow and then as Scientist, he had been Head of the Physics Division for twenty years and retired from Directors Grade in 2001. He had also been on Editorial Board of International Journals of Energy and Buildings (Netherlands) and Architectural Science Review (Australia) and remained in active contact with the Department of Physics of University of Roorkee (presently IIT Roorkee) and used to deliver special lectures and guide students in Building Science (Civil Engineering) and Architecture Departments also.

He came into contact with the Spiritual Master right from the childhood and was formally initiated on Oct. 5, 1954 and remained beloved disciple of Rev. Dr. SriKrishan Lalji Maharaj who vested his full spiritual authority in him and accorded him highest written permission on Sept 29,1968 which was also confirmed in writing on Nov 20,1974 by Rev. Dr. Shyam Lal Ji Maharaj who was not only his father but also his mentor along with Shri Sewati Prasad Ji Mukhtar, since Nirvana of his Spiritual Master.

Dr. Basant has been carrying forward the mission of preaching the teachings of his spiritual Master from Ramashram Sikandrabad and from his Residence at Roorkee and also holding periodic spiritual congregations at different places, besides annual congregation at Ramashram Sikandrabad during Dusserah Festival in October every year.

Besides, publication of' 'Sri Krishan Sandesh' which is a quarterly magazine, his other important publications are :

  1. Spiritual Teachings of Rev. Lala ji Maharaj (Poojya Lala ji Maharaj ki Adhyatam Shiksha)
  2. Biography of Rev. Dr. SriKrishan Lalji Maharaj (Divya Jeevan Charitra)
  3. Discourses (Adhyatam Gyan Ganga)

His biography titled 'Divya Jeevan Parichay' has been published by his disciples Dr. Narendra Bhartiya, C.P.Singh and RakeshJohri who have been authorized to carry forward the torch of the mission in future with dedicated cooperation of preceptors and monitors at different sub-centres while working under the overall guidance of Master's authorized spiritual brothers devoted to Ramashram Satsang Sikandrabad with the proviso that establishment of separate centre by anyone is strictly forbidden, i.e. numerous sub-centres will work under the same centre, as at present.

Commenced as Meditation Centre at the residence of Rev. Dr. Sri Krishan Lal Ji Maharaj during the life time of the grand Master Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh (U.P.) who often used to visit his favourite and beloved disciple, it was established as Ramashram Satsang in early1930's after the name of the grand Master, and it later became a registered organisation in 1964, when the campus was converted into Ramshram Satsang Bhawan, where after the NIRVAN of the great Master his mortal remains as pious ashes have been enshrined in a SAMADHI in the meditation chamber.